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A well-designed Partner Program is a formula to power your sales to a higher level.

We are offering you collaboration that will create more value for your customers.

Thankfully, to the development in technology, a transition from paper-based Quality Management Systems to more advanced — cloud-based ones…

Well, Capterra, the well known and reliable website for software reviews says that Quality Management Software pricing starts at $1500.00 per month. But that information is too general because it does not give you information on how many users are included in the price, are the training sessions included, or…

QMS standards are based on the process approach. Any activity that is receives input and converts it to output can be considered as a process. In order to company function effectively, it should identify and manage linked processes (nonconformity reporting, CAPA, audit management, etc.).

It’s all connected

Systems consist of processes, and processes…

qmsWrapper is an interconnected Quality Management software for companies focused on regulatory issues, and quality requirements specific to these companies. qmsWrapper provides the means for teams to work effectively together, integrating Team Communication, Quality Management, Documentation, and Project Management, all built right into its DNA.

All this functionality is unified…


qmsWrapper is a business framework to help companies manage compliance through quality •

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