5 main reasons your QMS implementation is going bad

A quality management system (QMS) is usually but incorrectly viewed as a “necessary evil”. When it comes to its implementation, companies consider someone is “making them do it”. A QMS is defined as a formalized system that documents processes, procedures, and responsibilities for achieving quality policies and objectives.

A QMS helps coordinate and direct an organization’s activities to meet customer and regulatory requirements and improve its effectiveness and efficiency on a continuous basis.

Not understanding it in such a way, along with these 5 most common QMS mistakes, are the reasons why such projects fail.

1. QMS implementation referred to as an “ISO thing”

Employees don’t understand an “ISO thing” is the way they are supposed to do the business, and not another layer of bureaucracy and paperwork to their work.

With qmsWrapper it’s easy to keep your commitment to quality, by combining Project and Quality Management as one.

We call this Management Through Quality (MTQ). MTQ means — as your team members complete their tasks, they trigger QMS events that get automatically reported to the QMS system where managers can oversee the progress.

The team is working on their task not knowing it is a compliance matter, without adding additional burden to their daily work.

2. Employees need to search for templates to record their process

If employees work on a certain process and they produce records, they should know where to find templates. If they can’t… Well, this is probably one of the main reasons the QMS is considered an “ISO thing”.

qmsWrapper provides a step-by-step sequence of tasks with adequate explanations on what to do, cautions, and templates to record performed activity. The user will exactly know what data to record and how to complete a compliance requirement within its assigned set of project tasks.

qmsWrapper, in fact, has a tool that can automatize the implementation of SOPs!

3. Procedures and work instructions are full of text

Who likes to read a wall of text? Nobody, and especially not operators. What can help? Flow charts that illustrate what to do. It also speeds up training and improves compliance, but also it engages employees much better.

As it is mentioned, qmsWrapper provides a step-by-step sequence of tasks with adequate explanations and cautions and it is defined through a flowchart.

4. There is no list of open issues, with assigned to-do tasks

This can cause a debate since it isn’t a formal “must”. But how a company can drive ‘continual improvement’ without an open issues list, or another form of keeping track of who needs to do what?!

qmsWrapper is a project management software in a core, that is issue-driven. So, the complete work is done in the project and every event is recorded. You are being able to assign and update the status of tasks so that everyone in your team is on the same page what is critical, in progress, or finished.

Of course, you’re being able to create various kinds of reports on the project progress. It is huge if you want to ensure that issues are progressing.

5. Lack of a document control

The quality management sets out requirements for the development, approval, and periodic review of procedures that drive a business’ activities and other documents. This indeed helps to define document system and document needs, so activities and processes are recorded and available.

qmsWrappers Document Management System is designed to support compliance, it includes version control, detailed file histories, file tracking, source tagging, comments, authority control. It allows only authorized users to review and approve documents.

A quality management system helps your business to demonstrate the ability to consistently supply products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Even though it seems it is a burden, the QMS sets the structure for achieving long-term, sustained success and focuses on meeting the needs and expectations of all relevant interested parties. Firstly, your own!

qmsWrapper is a business framework to help companies manage compliance through quality • https://www.qmswrapper.com