How can qmsWrapper get you through covid-19 painlessly?

In one of our previous articles we have introduced you to one of our features that enormously can help you stay in touch with your team while working at home during this COVID crisis, but at the same time maintain your QMS. But we couldn’t help but wonder if you are aware, how good and affordable QMS software can help you save your business, at these rough times.

If you didn’t know, QMS implementation could do more for your company than just control quality. Besides giving you a structured approach to managing your business, it also creates benefits as managing costs, improves your product and reliability, and one of today’s most popular — certifications could open doors to larger contracts.

More than ever, it’s important to reduce the frequency of quality issues and identify areas that can be improved. Since this pandemic has no mercy and waits for no one to get adapted to the ‘new normal’, you need to act as fast but smart as you can to keep your business on the surface of success.

Today, you are expected to implement new safety protocols because of the COVID-19 and nurture precaution measures and that requires flexibility.

Especially in these difficult times, you should consider a quality management system as a very good return on your investment. The majority of small businesses eagerly strive to minimize the costs associated with quality management.

Flexibility is a prerequisite to success. It’s critical to select the right solution that’s flexible enough to change as processes evolve. This means it should have the ability to be adaptive to changing business needs; ISO and other industry regulations; workflows changes; new forms, fields, and reports; and other specifications.

How qmsWrapper is showing it’s flexibility? How it adapts to challenges caused by COVID-19? How does it respond to any caused changes?

Team messaging — Millions of people are taking precautions from the coronavirus by working at home. As a cloud-based QMS software, it’s made to support uninterrupted team connection and business flow. It also supports real-time communications to aid in remote work.

Document change — Many organizations require document change because of crisis. Now it’s time when you have to adapt your business according to the current situation. Where possible, business owners should implement measures immediately and then refine those actions for future security. With qmsWrapper that is entirely flexible and made to be stretched the way you need it, you will do it effortlessly and stay ISO compliant.

Process editor — Easy to create processes and let you build SOP and forms. Gives you the freedom to build your own and adapt if needed according to this crisis.

Even though your team works from home, it changes nothing, since they work according to defined procedures, and there is no need for improvisation.

Traceability matrix — Even Design and Development team can continue easily since they can access it from home too. With qmsWrapper, you and your team are staying compliant doesn’t matter of circumstances. It supports teams by helping to stay focused on tasks, goals, and accurate execution, where ever you work from. Easy to create processes and let you build SOP’s and forms

Search & ReportqmsWrapper provides a Search and Report tool that allows you to track the progress of all processes initiated in your company, and it will make monitoring them very easy. You can check whether a certain process achieves planned results, and to take appropriate actions in time if determined it doesn’t.

Risk-based thinking — Covid outbreak forces them to make changes that result from risk-based thinking. qmsWrapper has a Risk assessment process for projects. Team members can identify and record the risks which appear in their part of the job, and it’s up to the Risk manager to test and mitigate them according to the information.

Cost vs. value — Small businesses are struggling with unforeseen pandemic-related expenses required for the safety of their employees. Also, they have to make investments to support daily operations in a virtual business environment, all while addressing required changes. It’s not the time for luxury, but smart decisions. You need software that is ‘price-friendly’ and QMS supportive.

The biggest advantage of qmsWrapper against other QMS software is its project-based structure. It enables you to create any module you need, and that’s where it shows its plasticity. Once you realize that, you will see a whole variety of opportunities to help you maintain your business inside and beyond QMS.

How can qmsWrapper get you through COVID-19 painlessly? You will get a tool to maintain your business most effectively, with free training to help you start. Plus, unconditional support while use and for the price that is more than affordable.

How come we do this? We have been in your shoes. We know what it takes. We got support, now we will support the healthy business.

qmsWrapper is a business framework to help companies manage compliance through quality •