How much QMS software should cost?

Well, Capterra, the well known and reliable website for software reviews says that Quality Management Software pricing starts at $1500.00 per month. But that information is too general because it does not give you information on how many users are included in the price, are the training sessions included, or templates or storage, or does it have all the modules and features your company needs, or is there an add-on option that is at an additional cost?

To see the true value for the price you pay, all these answers must be throughout covered. Does that selected QMS software really costs that much, or in other words, does the software really worth that money? Is it true or not that if something costs more it means It’s better. Don’t be tricked.

You probably heard the saying, “time is money”, and trust us, that is so true because there is no more time to waste to look for that ‘one’ in a sea of QMS software market, which is just simply overrated. So let’s break down all the deceptions about the monetary value of QMS software.

That is the first trick what most of them use. As the number of modules is growing, the price is getting higher as well. They enumerate you few basic ones and let you think about that crucial one that you can’t without, such as the Document Change module or Training module.
It’s like only module-based software exists in this world. They simply present it to you in such a way, like that’s the only way, and you think you have no other choice, but to take few more thousands out of your limited budget to somehow maintain your QMS.

But what if we say there is another option?
No, it’s not that commercial option “all-in-one” with hidden costs. It’s a well-constructed QMS software that has a project approach to all QMS events, and it’s so simple and easy to use that it seems like a trick. But it’s not. You can create any module you need, on the way you need it, related to your industry and business processes. It even does not have to be only QMS related. For example, the marketing team, or those from the finance department would probably use project management for any project they need, or Document management, Team chat — everyone in the company will happily use those.

Imagine, you can create a CAPA management module, Supplier management, or Document change control, training, etc. We are giving you a tool, and you are using it the way you want it. And there is no charge for the ‘101’ module.

Cunning pricing strategy. The most classic software pricing metric is “users.” For instance, they might charge $10 per user per month. The more users the customer adds, the more they pay. But hey, SaaS is built for teams, aren’t they? Of course, there will not be only one person using it. ISO 9001 Standard, as matter of fact, expects you to set up a team that will be involved in the implementation and maintenance of your QMS. So, of course, when you are looking for QMS software, you know you will need it for at least 4 + people. And they charge per user?? From this perspective, they are already not “customer-friendly” and QMS-supportive.

From our experience, most start-ups and small companies buy licenses only for people involved in QMS. But we are aware that sometimes the whole team (beyond QMS) is important for successful product and regulatory achievement. That’s why we have created a type of license that already includes 25 users, and it can be added even more if needed, as your business grows. And we are still cheaper than someone’s monthly subscription. It’s a matter to think about!

When we come to this type of “support”, most eQMSs hiding their cost behind terms like “enterprise edition”, “unlimited edition”, “prime”, “starter”, “growth”. And it all depends on what each version includes with each price. Since all of them are already overpriced they are going with the pity sentence “it’s included”. Well, for that price, better be included.

We can’t help but empathize with clients because we know their troubles and concerns. That’s why we offer even free whitepapers, there is even a complete section of “How to”. Without even requesting your e-mail (we also know that’s annoying). So you can decide if you need training, and if you do, how many after checking out all these free solutions.
Above all, we give the first few free consultations or training sessions. (Just read ‘about us’ section and you will understand what are we talking about).

Everyone loves templates, and they know that. And they will give you that as well, as an “add-on”, or for an additional cost. Or something like this: “You can also consider our ‘free’ something template and ‘paid’ versions from the ‘enterprise’ version”.
And you can just hope that their given ‘paid’ templates will suit your business needs.

Again, because we have been there, seen that, we created custom web templates. Our templates give you greater flexibility as regulations and business need change. We provide you various ready to go templates that are defined per QMS requirements! To further more improve flexibility, they are editable if necessary.

The only “free” thing that all of them are giving you, is a demo. But for a Limited Time. And after they check how deep is your pocket. How generous. Not in our case. Feel free to check it out.

It’s just endless and a hypocrite to say “we are here to help you”. It’s time to check on the quality of business-to-business respect. Everyone knows marketing is big on words and visualization. But do not forget, you want to buy ‘peace of mind’ when you are purchasing QMS software. Which one is offering that? How much that should cost?

We do. And WE are qmsWrapper!

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