qmsWrapper’s Partner Program

for QMS Consultants

A well-designed Partner Program is a formula to power your sales to a higher level.

We are offering you collaboration that will create more value for your customers.

Thankfully, to the development in technology, a transition from paper-based Quality Management Systems to more advanced — cloud-based ones became a key to QMS turn into more efficient and effective.

​Why wouldn’t you be a part of that too?

qmsWraper is a unique online platform that provides a highly effective approach to managing and tracking the Quality Management System.

qmsWrapper offers a quality environment where you can carry out a central role in your client’s success.


Help your customers easily implement QMS or switch from paper-based to electronic systems.
qmsWrapper is cloud-based which allows you uninterrupted access from anywhere.

Clients will be delighted with the flexibility of the system, and thus will be sure that the QMS is properly managed.

With our Partner Program, you will surely have more clients, spend less time, and you can do that remotely.

Book a demo, and find out more: https://www.qmswrapper.com/partner-program

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