Why is my QMS software better than yours?

qmsWrapper is an interconnected Quality Management software for companies focused on regulatory issues, and quality requirements specific to these companies. qmsWrapper provides the means for teams to work effectively together, integrating Team Communication, Quality Management, Documentation, and Project Management, all built right into its DNA.

All this functionality is unified in one platform, no API’s to integrate or frustrate. Deployment is smoother… Startups, creative teams, mature organizations, and quality-oriented teams will find qmsWrapper the right approach to achieving painless compliance.

Why is qmsWrapper better than other available QMS software?

1. You’re allowed to build your structure on how to organize your work

Most QMS software is divided per modules — one for CAPA, audit management, supplier management, etc. The modules are default, so the structure is pretty strict. (We don’t want to talk about the charging per modules here. It’s a nightmare!)

In qmsWrapper, work is organized per project. The structure can be built according to the client’s needs. Do you want to have CAPAs related do D&D separately from others? Not a problem with qmsWrapper!

With qmsWrapper it’s easy to keep your commitment to quality, by combining Project and Quality Management as one.

And you noted well, being project-based, our software can be used beyond QMS implementation.

2. Your documentation is tidy

Your QMS software Document Management just lists files, right? And it’s hard to understand its origin?

Document Management Module (Storage) in qmsWrapper is organized per project. The user is always aware of what document is a part of what exact project.

The Library folder is included for storing non-project related files.

The access rights can be limited to files stored under the Storage assigning membership to the project or access to the Library.

qmsWrappers’ Document Management System includes version control, detailed file histories, file tracking, source tagging, comments, authority control. It allows only authorized users to review and approve documents. The approvals are automatically documented with complete history.

3. User-friendly interface

Ok, we understand the branding thing and adjusting the interface to the colors of the brand. But it is so monotonous!

Is every module in the same color combination?! Are similarly organized modules? I’m already lost! Am I in the Design controls section or the Risk Module?

qmsWrapper’s interface is user friendly because of color-coding. We simply like the use of colors.

The different colors are used for each module, and in that manner, users can immediately notice in which module they are.

4. Integrated communication platform

One of the requirements in the ISO implementation is to ensure appropriate communication processes are established, and the most QMS software are missing the communication tool? It goes way ahead from commenting on the file!

qmsWrapper comes with an integrated Conversation Module, where users can lead 1-on-1 conversations, group conversations, and topic-based conversations, where the threads keep discussions on-topic so the whole story stays together in an effortless way to follow.

Users can link chat discussions to any particular project or task and save chat as a meeting to a specific project, complete with meeting minutes, agenda, scheduling, follow-up actions, etc.

5. Flexible Traceability matrix

The Traceability matrix is a great feature for organizing projects and following its progress. It can be understood that it has significant value when we are talking about Design and Development, but why restrict it only to this?

QMS software providers that have the Traceability matrix, adequately provide it with the default columns related to the Design and Development phase. You can precisely define the Design Inputs, Outputs, perform Validation, etc. Other columns can be added to the written request.

Using qmsWrappers’ Traceability Matrix, you can have a quick and clear overview of your medical device life-cycle. But, since the Traceability matrix has a flexible structure, it can be used beyond handling Design Controls.

It can be used for that intended purpose and many more!

Since nobody is solely working on the project, the Traceability Matrix is built multi-user. Your team can work together at the same time on the same matrix.

qmsWrapper is a smart management software that effectively avoids adding another layer of management by encouraging team-based collaboration compliance. qmsWrapper is for any company needing a powerful, unified platform to help the team work more effectively together.

qmsWrapper is a business framework to help companies manage compliance through quality • https://www.qmswrapper.com